• Tasty & Authentic 
    Omani dishes 
    High Professional Services
  • Fresh & Quality Products
    The Traditional Recipes of Our Oman

All in Good Taste Food With Arab World Restaurant

Try the delicious new dishes from our chef

Authentic Omani Cuisine. We serve the best Shuwa, one of the tastiest dishes around. Fresh Meat & Fresh Chicken Shuwa are our signature dishes, along with Fish, Camel Meat, Mandi, Biriyani, Grills, Soups & Salads. We deliver home & undertake party orders.


Tasty Dishes


Happy Customers

Amazing Chefs

Fresh Ingredients

We use only fresh and halal meat/fish for cooking.

Best Quality

We served only best quality, authentic Omani dishes

Happy Clients

We try to be happy with peace of mind after food

Vegan Menu

If you are Veg or non veg wow!!! we can consider you

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